How COVID-19 is Affecting Restaurants


The outbreak of COVID-19 is impacting everyone life in so many ways in the U.S. and many cities around the world. Businesses of every kind have also seen a negative impact and restaurants aren’t being excluded. All hard-working owners, operators, farmers, delivery drivers, staff, and just about everyone in the food industry have been suffering a negative impact due to the increased of this disease. Government and social responses are changing at a rapid pace and we believe it’s more important than ever to monitor what’s happening to rally support however we can.

The limitations of social gatherings and guidelines that some states have created some uncertainty and urge on restaurant owners to make decisions about the business and adopt some different measures, to try to cope with this situation. We’re hoping of helping restaurants understand the current climate in their respective geographies, and help them with you, the customers, to keep their business up and running.
Restaurant sales have dramatically declined by 48% on average (compared to last year).
We want to help the restaurants during this stressful time and help them with their customers to keep their business up and running.


The restaurant community is experienced a dramatic decline in sales and could quickly run short of money to support day-to-day operations and staff wages. In an effort to provide some financial support, we’re asking you to purchase gift cards from your favorite restaurants now so they can count on that income and you could still enjoy a delicious meal. Please support your local restaurants during this uncertain time.
Seeing a 36% decline in sales compared to 20% of quick-service establishment