About Gift Card
By I Do Restaurant Marketing

Good evening, I wanted to take the time to tell my story in hopes it can inspire and help our fellow restaurants and health care workers. For those who don't know me, I am Brad Paige. I originally started Local Restaurant Offers as way to connect consumers and restaurants with specials offers. As a digital marketer, and restaurant technology provider, it was about building a brands. Like so many of you, the recent COVID pandemic has impacted my life, not only financially, but also putting my health and family's health at risk. My wife Stephanie Paige is an ICU nurse. She is very much on the front lines serving our community and fellow man, even if it means risking her health and our family's. For us these two worlds have collided and we want to do our part in helping the community restaurants, health care workers and mankind!

Starting today we are launching our Gift Card website . Our goal is simple, band together our local restaurants and health care workers by simply purchasing a gift card from your local restaurant. When you make a purchase that restaurant will donate free meals to their local hospital to show our support!

Let's work together and help our communties!

PLEASE NOTE AT THIS TIME WE ARE ONLY TAKING BUSINESS registration. Will be offering gift card sales in the next 24-48 hours! Please stay tune for the gift card availability.

RESTAURANTS please go here to register and give up to 24/hrs for your approval. Feel free to DM or setup time and myself or representative can help you get started and walk you through setup and redemption. Thank you and stay safe!

Kind Regards,Brad Paige